Book 2: Starting Over; Chapter 16: The Monastery

Disclaimer: This authoress knows very little about Roman Catholic traditions, as she is a nondenominational Christian in real life. Please forgive historical inaccuracies and remember that this is only a game.

Grand Abbot lived alone in the monastery for some time, praying for greater tolerance and compassion. He was ashamed that he had gotten into a fight with a young woman in Rome, but eternally grateful that his God had seen fit to allow both parties to walk away relatively unharmed. He had also lost his temper with a couple of other Sims, leading him to a greater realization of his need for grace. He needed the Almighty to extend grace to him, and he needed to learn to extend grace to others.

Fortunately, after a long day of prayer, Grand Abbot believed that his request had been granted. He no longer felt as grouchy as he once had; his drive to live in harmony with others had increased threefold.

His belief was manifested as reality when a young woman slapped him in a fit of incomprehensible rage the next day. Instead of retaliating as he once would have, Grand Abbot stepped away, prayed for her sinful soul, returned, and offered the other cheek.

In the time he didn’t spend praying, Grand Abbot visited the Cathedral and chapels in case someone needed him, began growing his own food, and cooked and cleaned for himself. He performed a couple of marriage ceremonies for some Slaves, and he offered advice when it was requested.

His was a quiet and uneventful life, once he solved the problem of his temper.


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