Book 2: Starting Over; Chapter 15: The Nunnery

Disclaimer: This authoress knows very little about Roman Catholic traditions, as she is a nondenominational Christian in real life. Please forgive historical inaccuracies and remember that this is only a game.

“Welcome, my daughters,” Mother Serenity said to Elia and Ella Allah as they approached her in the sanctuary at the convent. “How may I help you?”

“Can we become nuns, too?” Elia asked.

“We hate boys!” Ella added.

Mother Serenity invited the girls into a private room to talk. “I would be delighted to call you my sisters, but foreswearing marriage in favor of sisterhood does not mean that ‘hating’ anyone is acceptable.”

“Ella was just being dramatic,” Elia said quickly. “We just have had some difficult times at home. But we believe in your God and your desire to serve the community. We want to dedicate our lives to prayer and helping others.”

Ella nodded vigorously, choosing not point out that she had meant her comment about men. Her brother Domino (all hail his high Emperorship) was probably the Devil incarnate, and she didn’t know that other men could possibly be any better.

“The sisterhood is not to be taken lightly, nor looked upon as merely community service,” Mother Serenity warned.

“We understand, and we long to learn more. This is the life we desire,” Elia promised, and Ella nodded her agreement.

“Then welcome, my sisters,” Mother Serenity said, smiling warmly and embracing the girls. “Change your outfits now. Modesty is a basic essential.”

Elia and Ella wore long Roman dresses, but apparently the darker nun outfits were a uniform not to be argued against. Elia wondered, though she didn’t ask, what Mother Serenity must have thought of the Sims’ Neanderthal garments.

Elia and Ella passed their days in bliss, helping Mother Serenity garden and cook and clean. They also found the time to play chess against each other and play the pianos in the sanctuary with visitors. Talking with visitors was also a large part of their days.

The sisters daily strove to mature to Mother Serenity’s level of compassion and wisdom.


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