My name is Kaitlin, and this is my official blog for the Sims 2 Test of Time Challenge. I found this challenge here, on Mod the Sims, and thought it looked like fun. So I tweaked the original rules to make it more fun for me. On another page, you’ll find the rules that I try to play by. I’m only posting the rules as far as I’ve gotten in my challenge, though, so you’ll still get a better idea of the overall challenge by going to the original rules. Also, I think I’ve tweaked the Roman rules a lot; I haven’t gone back to the original rules in a while, so I don’t know how far I’ve strayed with that. My game seems to be taking on a life of its own, which is way cool. For me, anyways. And hopefully you’ll enjoy it, too.

As far as my style for documenting my Sims’ lives goes, it’s a little different from the way I’ve seen other Simmers do blogs. Everyone presents their Sims’ stories in story format, obviously, but I add scenes in some cases, complete with dialogue and whatnot. In my notes, I have just enough information to help me remember what, in general, happened. In an attempt to make it interesting to readers, well, you see the result. I hope you enjoy it!


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