General Rules:

1) There are to be only bloodlines going from your original families. However, if needed, each generation can have the three main family heirs marry a CAS or townie. Other era-specific exceptions may apply.

2) After the Neanderthal Era, anytime anyone gets into a fight, the loser must be killed by your method of choice.

3) Neighborhood rotations! Sunday/Monday -> Thursday @ 6/9am; Thursday -> Sunday/Monday @ 6/9am. 6am if no teens are moving out. 9am if teens need the morning paper to move out.

4) The women are to take the mens’ last name (except when a female is the heir).

5) No cheats aside from moveobjects (for un-glitching things) and familyfunds (for rule-specific reasons).

6) Every time someone marries out of their social class, they are to take on the male’s social class. (Rare exceptions may apply.)

7) After the Neanderthal Era, seasons are set to spring, summer, fall, winter.

8) After the Neanderthal Era, most objects are allowed, aside from electronics and specified restrictions per social class and during the Dark Age. However, some things, such as the Telescope, weren’t used until the Renaissance, so use common sense on what to use or not.

9) Salary caps mean that Sims in a specific class may not earn more than that salary. If they are accidentally promoted or earn more than that amount for any reason, they must quit their job.

10) Women are discouraged from taking jobs, though not strictly forbidden. Just remember that someone needs to be home with the kids, and nannies are just as evil as the witch from Soshulwerkia.

11) Introduce a tax system starting with the Romans. The details are flexible and depend on the era and the ruler’s personality and funds. If unable to pay, punishments could also differ between eras and rulers: demotion to a lower social class, imprisonment, or death penalty.

Neanderthal Stage (3 generations):

Basic: Welcome to the prehistoric times! In today’s world we may think that we have all the know-how, but can modern Sims last in this ancient world? Like all challenges, you must start with humble beginnings.

1) Start with three couples, each with an adult male and female. Create one couple with Skin 4, one with Skin 1, and one mixed with one adult having Skin 1 or 2 and the other with Skin 3 or 4. Each couple is to move into a small lot near water.

2) The couples are to interact only with each other, not townies or NPCs (except when main heirs are permitted to wed strangers).

3) The couples are to try for babies as frequently as possible. As soon as one baby is born, try for another.

4) They cannot get jobs. They are to survive by farming (including orchards) and fishing as the only food and monetary sources.

5) Their funds, upon moving in, should be set to $500.

6) Seasons are set to summer year-round.

7) Objects allowed:


6 cheap sleeping places (3 Double Beds, 6 Single Beds, or any combination)

2 cheap loveseats

1 cheap grill

1 cheap counter

Farming plots and fruit trees


2 sinks

3 cheapest toilets

3 cheapest “waterfalls” (showers with no curtains or walls)

1 fridge

Number of needed cribs/toddler beds

8) Once the kids grow up, they are to buy the same size lot as their parents and have their funds set to $300, with the exception of the heir, who must live on the parents’ farm.

9) As soon as the round where the oldest Gen. 3 Sim turns into an adult is complete, move on to the next step.

10) The next Era is comprised of the Emperor’s family, Patricians, Plebeians, and Slaves. There should be more Slaves than Plebeians, more Plebeians than Patricians, and only 1 Emperor’s family.

Roman (3 generations):

Basics: Now that humanization has progressed from the stages of early life, those who are smart enough to earn money have distinguished themselves as the most important in society. The great Roman Empire rises under the rule of only the richest, upper-class elite, and in comes the first period of great learning. The classes are:

1) Emperor’s family – one family only, richest and highest class

2) Patricians – high class, aristocracy

3) Plebeians – working class, commoners

4) Slaves – lowest class, poor and sometimes live-in slaves in richer homes

5) Nuns and monks – may be of any class

Taxes: In Neighborhood View, at the beginning of every round, check each family’s net worth. Each family then has until the end of that round to send a certain percent (depending on class) of that amount to the Emperor. Starting households have one round of grace to begin earning money before paying the Emperor.

  • Slaves pay 6%
  • Plebeians pay 4%
  • Patricians pay 2%
  • Nuns and Monks do not pay taxes.

Failure to pay taxes results in the following punishment(s):

  • Any non-Slave household gets demoted one social class.
  • For Slave households, the two oldest Sims get their names added an extra time to the Slave Lottery.

Tithes: Ten percent of each household’s income, from the slaves to the Emperor, goes to the Church (5% for nuns, 5% for monks). Failure to tithe results in instant death at the Colosseum for the head of the household.

Emperor’s family:

1) The total amount of money calculated in step 10 of the Neanderthals is the amount with which the Emperor can begin building his Palace on the largest lot. Each spare child of the Emperor must be sent away in time with a $5,000 gift and Patrician status. If relatives who are best friends with the Emperor are low in money, you may subtract funds from the Palace and add them to the relative’s house or offer gifts.

2) Can marry only Patricians or second cousins (blood relatives; adoptions don’t count).

3) They can take any job they want (though the Emperor must be in Politics or Military), hire a maid, and just about buy anything but electronics. (Phones are acceptable.)

4) The Emperor is the eldest male in the family. The first Emperor is the heir to the Neanderthal Era’s richest family. If the Emperor has no legitimate male descendants, the oldest legitimate daughter’s husband becomes Emperor.

5) The Emperor must have at least two Slaves working for him. These slaves may not have a living spouse or dependant children.

6) The Emperor may stop having kids after two legitimate boys. Keep in mind, though, they could get accidently murdered if another Sim assaults them on free-will.

7) Teens must go to school. The heir may take a job in politics or military; other teenage jobs are allowed but discouraged.

Patrician Families:

1) Start with a large lot, and give each Patrician family a bonus of $20,000.

2) Most patricians may take any job, but the head and heir must take a “respectable career” (Example: Doctor, Politics, etc). Salary cap: $1000

3) Can marry Patricians, Emperor’s Family, and Plebeians. If a Patrician male marries a daughter of the Emperor, he must also have a “respectable career.” If a daughter is planning on marrying a son of the Emperor, she must have a $3,000 gift in her inventory. If a daughter is planning on marrying the Emperor or his heir, she must have creativity and charisma maximized and a gift of $5,000 in her inventory.

4) May have a slave.

5) May stop having kids after three are born (provided there is a boy for an heir).

6) Must send their teens to school. None should take a teenage job.

7) May own community businesses, though none too extravagant. Also may own plantations; a small one requires 1 Slave, a medium one 2 Slaves, and a large one 3 Slaves.

8) Heirs, upon coming of age, take over their fathers’ positions. Any subsequent sons join society as Plebeians upon coming of age, unless they marry a daughter of the Emperor, in which case they remain Patricians and each couple gets an extra $5,000 for their new home.

Plebeian Families:

1) Start on a small lot; family funds are $20,000 minus the cost of the home.

2) May own small, simple community businesses and farms.

3) May marry Patricians, Plebeians, or Slaves. Girls must have a $2,000 gift in their inventory if marrying a Patrician. Men must have at least $5,000 on hand if marrying a Patrician.

4) May take jobs in anything but one a modern person would have to attend college for. Salary cap: $500.

5) May stop having kids after five are born.

6) May choose to send teens to school.

7) If a family needs cash, they may sell a child (non-heir) into slavery. Females bring $2,000; males bring $3,000.


1) May take jobs working for Patricians, Plebeians, or the Emperor’s family. They are not to be paid.

2) As soon as a slave is married, they are required to move away from their master’s house and into their own house (small lot) to farm or work as a criminal. Family funds are to be set to $300.

3) Slave men may take jobs working for other classes or a job in Criminal. Salary cap: $300.

4) Teens may not go to school.

5) May never stop having kids.

6) Slave houses may not have a bathtub or shower and can never have anything above the cost of $1,000. If they do, and a member of the Emperor’s family walks past the house, the household head is accused of stealing and is killed at the Coliseum within 3 days of the accusation.

7) Occasionally, some Slaves may abandon their children on the steps of a church or another family in the hopes that the child will have a better future.


1) Live on medium lot (all nuns on one lot, all monks on another) with a lavish sanctuary right inside the front door. Actual living areas are to be plain and cheap, located in the back. May have as many single beds as needed, but only one double bed, to be officially used by the abbot/abbess on the lot. May have baths.

2) If caught having an affair, violator(s) will be moved out and enslaved. If a nun was not caught having romantic interactions and no one with less than an 80/80 relationship walks in on her when she’s giving birth, she may explain the baby as an orphan she found, keeping her child and position.

3) May not get jobs. Food comes from farming. Money comes from tithe and donations; they may not sell their food for profit. May open a “home business,” set up a ticket machine outside convent/monastery, and set the price at $1. Sales pitches are not allowed.

4) Chosen any way. All social classes are eligible.

5) May adopt children taken by the social worker or given to the troll. Teens must attend school, then move out and live as Plebeians by adulthood, unless they wish to remain as monks or nuns. If an orphan falls in love while still living in the church as a teen, normal class marriage rules may be ignored. If an adopted child is a known heir who wants to reclaim former status, roll a die to see if they are welcomed back as the head (1-2), have to fight for their rightful position (3-4), or are content with normal Plebeian status (5-6).

(a) In case of 3-4: Loser becomes enslaved, along with family of procreation.

(b) In case of no living relatives: Roll a die to see if the Emperor will return all former family assets (1-3) or not (4-6). For a Patrician, the Emperor gives all material and social possessions to the child upon adulthood or favors someone else. For a Plebeian, the Emperor gives all material assets to the orphan or ignores the issue entirely. The Plebeian orphan may still get the inheritance in the end, but only through hard work.

–Random Event: War Time! Because Rome is always off conquering new places or keeping the already-conquered places in check, right? Roll at the start of every round to see if there’s war.

1-2= war

3-6= peace

Every able male (teen and adult) is called to serve; only exceptions are the Emperor, his heir, and monks. The heads of households (adults with an elderly father don’t qualify) may pay their way out of service – $8,000 for Plebs and Slaves, $15,000 for Patricians. Slaves and Plebs serve as common soldiers, and Patricians and Emperor’s extra son(s) serve as officers. Move these sims out for a round into the Sim bin. Roll a die to see what becomes of them.

For Slaves and Plebs:

1-2= Sim dies in the war. Kill him.

3-4= Sim comes back damaged. Give him the grilled cheese aspiration.

5= Sim comes back unharmed. Roll again to see if Sim brings back a war prisoner.

6= Sim comes back a hero and is rewarded. Roll again to see if Sim brings back a war prisoner.

1-4= Sim returns alone.

5= Sim brings back a CAS Slave.

6= If Sim is unmarried, he brings back a CAS wife. If Sim is married, roll again.

Use this system for Patricians and Emperor’s son(s):

1= Sim dies in the war. Kill him.

2= Sim comes back damaged. Give him the grilled cheese aspiration.

3-5= Sim comes back unharmed. Roll again to see if Sim brings back a war prisoner.

6= Sim comes back a hero and is rewarded. Roll again to see if Sim brings back a war prisoner.

1-2= Sim returns alone.

3-5= Sim brings back a CAS that will join society as a Slave.

6= Sim brings back a wife or mistress. If mistress, she may stay wherever, but captor pays her bills. She must Try For Baby with her captor at least once a round. She may marry only her captor, provided he has no current wife. (If captor dies, she is free to marry whomever she pleases, unbound by social status.) She may also try to run away; roll for results.

1-2= She is successful and may continue life as an average Pleb.

3-4= She is unsuccessful and nothing changes.

5-6= She is unsuccessful and enslaved: no more living off her captor’s income, but Try For Baby rule still applies.

–Roman Colosseum:

  1. Any slave caught having romantic interactions by their master (applies to live-in Slaves only) or with an object that costs over $1,000 is subject to death at the Colosseum.
  2. Any Sim who wins three fights is subject to execution at the Colosseum for murder.
  3. Any Slave or Plebeian who attacks a Patrician or a member of the Emperor’s family is subject to execution at the Colosseum for treason, win or lose.
  4. Any Patrician who attacks a member of the Emperor’s family is also subject to execution at the Colosseum for treason, win or lose, unless a Patrician male successfully kills the Emperor himself, the Emperor’s heir is no older than a child, and the other Patricians support the murderer, in which case he takes over as Emperor.
  5. Patricians attacking patricians, and fights amongst the Emperor’s family members, are dealt with as normal fights.

(a) If a Sim in the Law Enforcement career is present at the time of a fight and neither fighting Sim is in that same career, the loser is scarred instead of killed.

  1. Any Sim who skips church three times is subject to death at the Colosseum.
  2. Once every Monday (or every other round), a slave must be randomly chosen to be killed in the Colosseum.

(a) Upon entering teen stage, the slave’s name is entered once.

(b) Every Sunday, all slaves’ names (from teens to elders) are entered again even if a teen aged on Saturday. Those who become teens on a Sunday only go in once.

(c) A teen slave can put his/her name in an extra time once a week for $1,000.

(d) Every Monday (or every other round), the “winner” will be drawn. Immediately after playing the “winner’s” lot, play Mars Roma in the Colosseum and kill the “winner.” All “winners’” graves remain on the Colosseum lot.

(e) If a “winning” slave is rich enough, s/he may pay $10,000 to bribe Mars into drawing a different name. If the winner raises $10,000 quickly in an emergency scramble, remember they must tithe, so $11,200 is the actual cost in that case.

(f) Adult slaves can put their name in 10 extra times to raise their household to Plebeian status. Once their social status has increased, their names will no longer continue to be added, but the names already entered will stay there.

(g) When the “winner” is chosen, you may roll a die. If a 4 is rolled, an older family member on the lot can volunteer to take the “winner’s” place.


1) Come Sunday at every household, every Sim child and up must attend church for 2+ hours.

2) The churches are open for visits at any time. To count for a weekly visit, however, the family must visit sometime after the sun rises and be done with their two hours before midnight.

3) The Emperor’s family and Patricians attend the Cathedral; Plebs attend their local chapel; Slaves attend their tiny chapel. Nuns and monks may attend any house of worship, or they may simply walk into the sanctuary connected to their living quarters.

4) Ideally, every family attends church in one big group visit. However, if it’s not feasible to take everyone at once, the family may be split into two groups.

5) Sims that don’t go to church are fined: $1000 the first time and $5000 the second time. Any Sim who skips church three times is burned at the Colosseum for heathen tendencies. If a slave who lives with a master doesn’t attend church, it is the master’s responsibility to pay the fine; he may make his slave pay some other way, if he wants. Sims may be pardoned ONCE if they were sick. If an expecting mother’s needs have dropped to the point of threatening her life, she qualifies. Exhaustion in other Sims do not.

Community Services

1) Bathhouse: A community bathing lot should be complete with a pool, hot tub, sink, toilet, and bathtub. These objects and more may be multiplied as needed.

 2) There is to be at least one clothing store.

 3) A variety of other small restaurants and shops may be available.

4) Parks may also be available.


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